[Inspiration Board] 2012 Trends

Oh. My. Gosh. Where have I been? Life has been SO busy and I apologize a thousand times to my readers. Sometimes you go through those seasons. The awaited follow up to the wedding I just did a sneak peek for will be coming soon. I have a few days off coming up in February so the blogs WILL be updated, I promise!

Today I am going to feature some 2012 Wedding Trends that I found on [Etsy Weddings].

Lace Sleeves

How beautiful, elegant and timeless! Of course this trend was onset by the beautiful Dutchess Kate Middleton.

Illusion Neckline

This detail is coming back in a lot of new and different styles to reflect a more modern bride.

Tea Length Gowns

A cute option for summer or an adorable gown to wear for winter with thick tights and boots.

Mint, Burnt Orange & Beige

Fun new trends for Bridesmaids and wedding colors [though I would not recommend all three together].

Until next time…. And yes, I promise you there WILL be a next time…

Photo Source: 1. Lace Sleeves One from [tina be crazy] 2. Lace Sleeves Two from [Pinterest] 3. Illusion Neckline from [Dummy General Blog] 4. Illusion Neckline from [Oh So Happily Married] 5. Tea Length Dress from [The Little White Dress] 6. Tea Length Dress from [Belle the Magazine] 7. Mint Dress from [Pinterest] 8. Beige Dress from [ModCloth] 9. Burnt Orange Dress from [Rent the Runway]


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