[nwc] Best Blogging Friends

Hello Friends! Today I am very excited because I would LOVE to share with you my two best blogging friends. We all got intertwined through twitter and blogs and have grown very close over the past year. We’ve never met in person, but we will have our first “date” sometime next year when they come to Wisconsin! Yea! So without further ado… My two best blogging friends…


Meet Andrea. She is the creative mind behind [Keepin’ It Thrifty]. We met via twitter and blogger last winter and have grown closer and closer over the past year. It’s so great having her support on my blog and I LOVE reading hers! I adore her projects. She spends time sorting through the Goodwill racks [she has GREAT patience, I’ve only done that once…] to find great pieces to imitate the latest fashions for tweak to make into a great decoration or craft! Her blog is FULL of DIY crafts, her versions of them, fashionable outfits that she thrifts and inspiration boards for your style!

She got married this summer [above is a sneak peek!] and I was so happy to be able to feature some of her [DIY projects] and [photos] from her wedding! Please go subscribe to her growing blog. You will not be disappointed!


Miss Jac Marie and I have grown SO close over the past year. I was one of her first blog followers right when she began her wonderful blog, [Jac Marie] and we have stayed in touch ever since…. so close that we now have each other’s cell numbers and email each other regularly! Her blog is so great! She blogs about her own inspirations, fashion and just things on her mind and it’s all FABULOUS!

She has guest blogged a few inspirational wedding boards and that I think you would love: one is [jewel toned] and [the other] she designed after me!

I was so excited recently when these two connected! The three of us are going to have a BLAST next year when we all get together to meet for the first time! Yea! Read their blogs… send your love! They are great girls!


2 thoughts on “[nwc] Best Blogging Friends

  1. I love this post!!!! Thank you Oooo so much for this, you are such a dear sweet friend of mine!!!

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