[Real Wedding] Matt + Casey [Sneak Peek]

Good morning readers! Happy Halloween! Looking forward to trick or treating tonight with the kiddos! Guess I’ll get my “deer” costume back on! In the meantime, I’m very excited to share this budget wedding with you, but I’m still working on details… SO today you will get a sneak peek from [James Stokes Photography, LLC]! I’ll be so excited to share the full wedding along with details about the big day very soon! Until then, enjoy…

Cute parasols, huh? Look forward to the rest of the wedding later this week! Have a Happy Halloween!


4 thoughts on “[Real Wedding] Matt + Casey [Sneak Peek]

  1. […] Tomorrow, be sure to check in! The full post from Matt + Casey’s wedding will be up! If you missed the sneak peek, visit [here]. […]

  2. […] Tonight I want to share with you a real wedding from Rib Lake, Wisconsin. Matt + Casey got hitched on a budget, but still had an amazing day. It’s all in the details! I love their use of props in their photography. If you missed the sneak peek, check it out [here] […]

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  4. […] today is the exciting finale to the beautiful wedding of Matt + Casey. Hopefully you caught the [sneak peek] and [part one]! Here’s the rest of the stunning photos… I love the use of parasols! […]

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