[DIY Weddings] Paper Flower Bouquets + More

You made it half way through the week! Congratulations! It’s Halloween weekend, so there’s a lot of fun to look forward to! Today I wanted to share with you a DIY project and a service that northwoods wedding company provides. Flowers are one of the biggest expenses for a wedding and brides are looking for more options. our company provides faux bouquets, but also will create custom flowers for all your wedding needs by the use of …. PAPER! I wanted to share with you some great inspiring photos for you to consider for your day. It’s a tedious task, but saves a lot of money in the long run… even by hiring us to create it for you! Enjoy!



Corsages & Bouts:


northwoods wedding company offers customizable paper flower products for your wedding –which will cost you MUCH less than ordering fresh flowers + it’s a unique touch for your wedding. nwc works with all brides on all budgets to make your big day everything you ever dreamed, not matter what your price tag is. for price quotes on paper flowers and much more, visit the [northwoods wedding company] website.

Photo Source Credits: 1. teal + pink bouquet by [topthiswedding] 2. white + brown bouquet by [lalalaurie] 3. yellow centerpiece by [jonesdesigncompany] 4. white, pink + yellow centerpiece from [pinterest] 5. book paper corsage by [underthetableanddreaming] 6. white paper flowers by [poe-tate-o] 7. falling lilies decor by [bhdln] 8. multiple blue styles from [knucklesalad]


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