[Inspiration Board] Fall Wedding Bouquets

Good morning! As promised, a little inspiration to planning fall weddings. This fall, hydrangeas and chrysanthemums are in! Here are a few inspiring ways to incorporate them into your wedding!


Not my favorite flower for weddings, but it can be elegant. Sometimes brides will opt to add different flowers into their arrangement, but, in my opinion, hydrangeas look best standing alone. They come in many colors, but the classic white and light green are my favorites for weddings.


This flower comes in so many shapes, sizes and colors, so it gives brides a lot of options. Try mixing and matching different varieties in bouquets for an exciting and unexpected twist!

Other ways to incorporate hydrangeas and chrysanthemums:




Other Accessories

Stay tuned for a fun engagement on the basketball court tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “[Inspiration Board] Fall Wedding Bouquets

  1. Jane says:

    I love the white cake and the cupcakes. Are the cupcakes decorated with some kind of cut marshmallow or candy, they look so lovely!

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