[Real Wedding] Jake + Simonne

Oh, blogging vacation is over… Which was a great break for me– Got to catch up on some laundry, take a vacation up north and have my computer OFF for a few days. That’s right, it was good for me to have my computer closed. [Can’t believe I just admitted that out loud!]

So, what a better way to return to the blogging world this week than to feature a wedding from [Photos by Jenna Leigh]. It’s been awhile since I’ve featured her work, and this wedding is just adorable. The bride is just stunning and glowing in every picture. Enjoy these lovely photos that Jenna gave a sneak peek to yesterday on her facebook page and there are even more amazing photographs from this wedding on her website.

Enjoy all these photographs and especially the black and whites at the end!

Enjoy? I hope so! Pop by Jenna’s site and tell her how stunning her work is, ok?

I’m going to treat you to an inspiration board tomorrow! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “[Real Wedding] Jake + Simonne

  1. Such a great looking couple! Beautiful photographs.

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