[Inspiration Board] Whimsical Wedding

Good morning! Just wanted to extend an invitation that I do once a week to my wonderful readers to join in the fun on this blog! It’s easy to contribute to the “design a wedding” series! It’s a way to introduce yourself to my readers and promote yourself and your blog! If you are interested visit the [northwoods wedding company website] and fill out an inquiry form!

Today I want to give you a sneak peek at a few things that I want for my wedding! For over two years now I’ve been trying to narrow down what I want for my own big day. If I wouldn’t have started planning then, I would be so lost when the time actually comes. I’m so indecisive when it comes to making big decisions, so here’s a board that I’ve created to remind myself of what I love. That dress, by the way, WILL be my dress. I got the approval from the boy for it, but I did now, because by the time we get engaged and married, he’ll totally forget about it. [He doesn’t read my blog]. Smart, right?

Hope you enjoy!

Color Scheme:
Light blue, light pink, tan, white.
Bride: Cinderella gown.
Groom: Tan three-piece suit with a matching fedora. He picked it out! Good taste, right?
Bridesmaids: Long, light blue, dress with straps. My sister has requested “no strapless”.
Groomsman: Matching the groom, but only the vest, no coat.
Ring Bearer: We will have three or four depending on what his oldest son wants to do. They will match the groomsmen!
Flower Girl: She has already been looking at dresses with me. We decided on a princess pink dress.
Bouquet: All white for the bride with striped ribbons.
Centerpieces: Glass bottles with just a few blooms in each and table number attached.
Invitations: Very rustic looking, with beautiful calligraphy.
Venue: A barn or other rustic setting.
Favors: Homemade blackberry jam [the groom’s favorite] to double as place setting.
Cake: 2-layer and homemade for the bridal party only.
Dessert: Mini baked donuts [homemade] for the guests.
Save-the-Date: Creative and simple using engagement photography.
Guest Book: 2 of them. One will be a Bible for couples to circle meaningful passages and advice. The other to be determined!

What do you think? It’s the hardest thing ever as a wedding planner to plan your own wedding, believe that? I have way too many ideas in my head and just need to bring them together.

Tomorrow, stay tuned for a beautiful, vintage-inspired engagement shoot. It’s so beautiful that I’ve put off sharing it because I can’t narrow down the pictures!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


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