[Design A Wedding] Fall Wedding Inspiration

Good afternoon! Does anyone else have the most beautiful weather today? 60s with a crisp breeze? This is why I LOVE fall…

And speaking of fall, I’ve decided to do another sample “Design A Wedding” for you. Remember, you can do this as a reader and gain credit towards a custom jewelry piece!

Today’s theme is “Fall”. Colors are of the typical, but not the standard, fall palette. Grays, Yellows and Oranges!


Bride: Added sleeves for added warmth.
Bright orange shoes & a gray and yellow veil/headpiece.
Groom:  Gray three-piece suit with yellow accents.
Bridesmaids: Gray dresses with cardigans for added warmth and yellow bouquets.
Groomsman: Gray suits with yellow and gray socks for matching and unexpected accents.
Bouquet: Yellows and Oranges to match the fall atmosphere.
Centerpiece: Candles with Orange and Cinnamon vases.
Food: Comfort food all the way.
Dessert: Yellow cake with bird topper to match theme and colors.
Setting: A rustic barn to illuminate the theme and pop the colors.

If you are interested in designing a wedding, please contact me!

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2 thoughts on “[Design A Wedding] Fall Wedding Inspiration

  1. Shayna says:

    I love yellow and grey!!!

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