[Design A Wedding] Elope in Alaska

Good morning readers! Today I am excited to share with you a fellow TWIPS member’s wedding photographs. Cris was gracious enough to share her story and photos of her small get together for her big day!

Cris is the creative mind behind [Kiss My Tulle] and is from Texas Hill Country.

She chose BOLD colors for her wedding: Red, Green, Blue & Pink.

Photography: All rights reserved. Please credit [Amber Westerlund].

Cris and her fiance planned their wedding in THREE DAYS! Their engagement started out very typically. They got engaged last January and had planned a May 2012 wedding.

In July, they had picked their vendors and had their save-the-dates ready to be mailed. However, Cris’ dad became very sick. They flew to Alaska less than a week after getting the news and shortly after arrving, decided on a civil ceremony.

They exchanged their big DIY, May wedding dreams for a small, potluck wedding– which they had prepared for before leaving for Alaska.

There was no specific “theme” to their wedding. Cris’ green sweater, her boy’s blue shirt, and the pink decorations were just what they happened to have. To pay tribute to her father, they incorporated red bandanas.

Their invitations consisted of calling loved ones and asking them to bring a dish for the potluck instead of gifts.

The bride wrote up [the ceremony] overnight.

The mother of the bride sewed [the ring bearer pillow].

The sister of the bride created [pom poms out of coffee filters] for the ceremony and reception decorations.

The brother of the bride created a cake stand out of a log. Pretty impressive for an 11-year old!

It was very important that the father of the bride officiated their wedding, especially since he was responsible for introducing the bride and groom to each other! [Awwww moment!]


Hope you enjoyed Cris’ wedding! Please stop by her blog or tweet her @kissmytulle to tell her what you think!


5 thoughts on “[Design A Wedding] Elope in Alaska

  1. Thanks for having me on your blog today, Greta! I loved reliving our quickie ceremony again.

  2. Awe…so neat to see images of Cris’s wedding and such a sweet story!

  3. Tulips are just lovely as roses. Nice blog. 😀

  4. Layla Mayville says:

    What a special moment to capture between you and your dad! I’m sure you’ll cherish this day forever.

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