[Sunday Snapshot] Cake Pops + Weekend Wrap Up

Happy weekend everyone! What a restful day for my family. I napped with the [almost] 2 year old and my man and the 4 year old napped in the other room. It was so peaceful and MUCH needed after a fun day at Bay Beach and the Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay.

This week’s snapshot comes from [A Dash of Delicious] in Stevens Point, WI. I have been to bridal showers and weddings where tasty cupcakes and cookies from this store have been served, and I can say, hands down, they are the best!

Brides have been finding a way to jazz up their wedding and what greater way to experiment than with desserts! Cake went to cupcakes… and now, new trends are forming! How about gifting each guest with a cake pop! And guess what? They can double as a favor and place card, if you really want a creative way to save money within your budget!

Here’s what you may have missed!

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Stay tuned for a featured elopement in Alaska tomorrow!

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