[Real Wedding] Jonathan + Ginny

Hello readers! Today I am very excited to show you the follow up to the beautiful [engagement session] I posted on August 25th. Jonathan and Ginny got married in Green Bay on September 5, 2010. Their beautiful ceremony took place at Heritage Hill and their reception at Rock Garden. They had a unique set up at the reception that set their wedding apart from most. The head table was in the middle of the site and was set up as a square so that the wedding party and the couple could converse easily with each other. My favorite part of the wedding you may ask? It’s two-fold. Ginny’s dress. I was SO taken aback by how stunning she was and how perfectly it fit her body. [And I was a little jealous that I didn’t snatch it up for myself first!]. The second was the coffee bar! There was a cash bar at the reception site, but Jonathan and Ginny decided to splurge their money on coffee for guests, not alcohol, and boy did I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I drank probably three mochas… Needless to say, I was up dancing all night! Enjoy these gorgeous photos.

Photography: All rights reserved. Please credit back to this blog post.


One thought on “[Real Wedding] Jonathan + Ginny

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