[Inspiration Board] What Do I Register For?

Registering for gifts can be an overwhelming task. It actually takes a little more planning then you think. Asking for help in this area is something that is totally ok to do.

Maybe you are wondering how much you need. Here is a “by-the-numbers” quick list of how much of everything you may want to register for:

for the dining room:

8-12 dinnerware place settings
8-12 five-piece flatware place settings
8-12 accent plates
8-12 water goblets
8-12 wineglasses
8-12 napkins and rings
8-12 placemats
1 decorative bowl
1 centerpiece decoration
2 serving platters
2 serving spoons
2 serving forks
2 serving bowls
1 salad bowl
1 water pitcher

for the kitchen:

8-10 piece cookware set
1 roasting pan
1 chef’s knife
1 paring knife
1 utility knife
1 coffeemaker
1 toaster
1 canister set
1 food processor
1 blender
1 grill pan
1 bakeware set
1 set of pots & pans

for the bedroom:

2 sheet sets
2 extra pillowcase sets
1 comforter and sham set
1 blanket or quilt
2 side tables
1 piece of art

for the bathroom:

4 bath towels
4 hand towels
6 washclothes

northwoods wedding company provides consultation services via email for couples that are seeking guidance in creating their registry for a very low price. Registering for gifts is a very time consuming and overwhelming process. Allow us to help you get started or guide you through the entire process!

This service is available to all couples around the United States, not just in Wisconsin.

[all photos source]


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