[Engagement] Jonathan + Ginny

Sorry for the absence readers… Life is getting hectic with school starting and balancing all that with work and our personal lives.  But, today I wanted to feature some amazing engagement photos from [Beth Laurren Photography] out of Chicago. I met Ginny in college and have been friends with her for almost five years now. I was introduced to Jonathan just before they began  dating and loved watching their relationship grow into the beautiful marriage it is today! I will be featuring their wedding photos soon too, don’t you worry! For now, enjoy these lovely photos.

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for their beautiful wedding photos! Have a great Thursday!


3 thoughts on “[Engagement] Jonathan + Ginny

  1. Super cute! I usually ask my clients to wear solid colors in their photo shoots so their clothes will be less distracting, but I really love the stripes here. I may now change my solid color approach 🙂

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