[Design a Wedding] Pink Sparkles Wedding Inspiration

Hello readers! Hope your Monday is going well. I wanted to share with you a fun “design a wedding” example that I have created. Remember, I want YOU, my readers, to create some inspiration for your fellow readers! All you need to do is provide a few pictures for me. Email me ASAP if you are interested in showing off your creative skills: northwoodsweddingcompany@gmail.com

REMEMBER, participants get a $5 shop credit to the northwoods wedding company shop! […and you can custom create a piece of jewelry for as little as $8… it’s a steal!]

Here is my example for you!

Bridal Gown: Love the shine and shimmer. It’s your day, brides. Go all out and sparkle!
Groom’s Attire: I love the idea of a clean, crisp look. A classic black and white is stunning for grooms.
Groomsman: Classic style. Clean and uniform.
Bridesmaid: Make your maids look stunning too! They will love a fun, wear-it-again dress.
Bouquet: I love the single color for the flowers and the shine and sparkle the handle provides.
Centerpieces: No flowers? All candles! Inexpensive and so clean and elegant!
Ceremony: Try it outdoors with a small bouquet attached to every other to save a little dough.
Reception: A classic white tent with pops of bright pinks is a fun way to decorate!
Food: With a classic wedding, comes a classic meal… steak!
Dessert: A classic wedding cake with a modern, colorful twist. I love this cake!
Shoes:  What bride would pass these up? Add a little unexpected sparkle to the big day!
Cake Topper: Personalize it with a little bling!
Favors: When using bubblegum pink as your wedding color, who can resist mini bubblegum machines for guests?

[all photos source]


One thought on “[Design a Wedding] Pink Sparkles Wedding Inspiration

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