[Sunday Snapshot] Pastel Beauty + Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend… I still have the next 4 days off of work [well, my job job… my wedding job, not so much…] But I’m happy to be home and making jewelry for the next few days! Well, I got a few things to catch you up on! You ready? Today’s snapshot comes from one of my FAVORITE blogs… [The Perfect Palette]. Beautiful, eh?

[Northwoods Wedding Company Discounts]:
Receive 10% off [BGBJewelry] with the code NORTHWOODS10
Receive 15% off [MieleMelograno] with the code LUVNORTHWOODS

[Shopping Source]:
NEW [Paradise Necklace] with Handmade Beads $20 each, discounts with the more you order!
[Re-listed] Custom Wedding Cupcake Flag Topper in [Brown Pearl] Set of 10 for $6
[Smoothie Choker Necklace] with Handmade Beads & Ribbon Ties $20
Wedding Bunting Flag [Ribbon Cupcake Toppers] “Garden Set” Set of 15 for $20
[Re-listed] Green Grass [Paper Bead Bracelet] from Recycled Magazines $7
[Re-listed] Blue Bird [Paper Bead Bracelet] from Recycled Magazines $7
Bridal Pearl and Beaded [Cuff Bracelet] $15
[Re-listed] Custom Wedding Cupcake [Flag Topper] in Light Blue Set of 10 for $6
Olive Multi-Colored [Paper Beaded Necklace] $20 [SOLD!]
[Lavender Paper] Beaded Bracelet $12

[Blog Post Recap]:
Find inspiring Etsy finds from vendors located in the greatest state in the nation, [Wisconsin]!
Learn about what that [ring on your finger] really means from a guest blogger.
Check out the [most popular real wedding] to date at the Northwoods Wedding Company– beautiful, simple, rustic!
View beautiful [bridal jewelry from Etsy] and find discount codes to their shops!

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