[Etsy Shop Show Off] Bridal Jewelry– Necklaces

Good morning readers! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I’m getting ready to make some biscuits and fruit salad here, but I thought I’d check in and get the show off going! Today I’m featuring Bridal Necklaces from around Etsy! Stop by these shops and let them know you enjoy their work!

[source via BGBJewelry]

[source via northwoods wedding company]

[source via beingoflove]

[source via kirevi8]

[source via mielemelograno]

Hope you enjoyed! I love special accessories on brides and bridesmaids! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! Enjoy the sunshine [if you’ve got it!]


3 thoughts on “[Etsy Shop Show Off] Bridal Jewelry– Necklaces

  1. Trisha Fay says:

    Thanks so much for including my necklace. Just a quick gift back all readers can enjoy 10% off their order, just use code NORTHWOODS10 at checkout.

  2. In appreciation of all Northwoods clientsd you get a 15% discount @ MieleMelograno. The Discount code is: LUVNORTHWOODS

  3. […] to date at the Northwoods Wedding Company– beautiful, simple, rustic! View beautiful [bridal jewelry from Etsy] and find discount codes to their […]

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