[Feature Post] Ilse of Secret Jewel Celebration

Hello Everyone! It’s my VACATION week! Yea! I started my vacation last Friday and I’m LOVING it. From Sunday through Wednesday, we were up at a resort in Hayward, Wisconsin [aka. The Dead Zone… no cell service anywhere!] What a nice break to get away from everything and relax on the lake for a few days… But, that means we have guest bloggers this week! Sorry for the delay, but here is the first one! I want to introduce you to Ilse of [Secret Jewel Celebration]. She has an awesome post to share with you guys today! Without further ado…

Eternal Love: wear your key!
You are getting married! And you’ve got your engagement ring.
Most of us know that it is placed on the 4th finger of the left hand because the blood runs straight to our heart, and that is quite romantic.

[Capitol Romance: Brees’s Boudoir shoot Photo]
But do you know why you wear a round object, and not a square one. No it’s not comfort its because circles have no beginning and no end. It’s the perfect symbol to represent something eternal. That will last forever.
The engagement ring is traditional with Diamonds, they represent the purity of this love, although modern times can adjust to taste and preferences, we can find now cute rings with different kind of stones.
[Capitol Romance: Bree´s amazing pink tourmaline ring Photo]

The meaning will stay the same it’s romantic and its symbolic but they represent a lot more, because they are your key to eternal love!
So every time you see your ring it’s not just the commitment two individuals have made to be together, but also proof that a love like your’s is just too big and strong and you want the world to witness it.

Thanks so much Ilse! Cherish the love you have and the ring that symbolizes it on your finger.  I hope you guys enjoyed this and learned more about why we wear rings to symbolize our love! Stay tuned for more posts from friends, but in the meantime, visit Ilse on [Twitter] and [Facebook].



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