[Etsy Shop Show Off] Hello, Wisconsin!

Good evening readers! As most of the country, I’ve been locked inside with my AC on full blast. Who would expect 120 degree weather in Wisconsin? Believe me, I don’t live here for the heat. Between that and the major storm damage from last night’s severe storm, there isn’t much to do today…

As a little bit an announcement… NL Designs and northwoods loves is looking at branding into a new company. It’s in the works right now… [new website, new photographer, new etsy shop… but don’t worry, this blog will remain!]

On to this week’s show off… Hello, Wisconsin! [as yelled like the That 70’s Show theme song]. Today’s show off shouts out to my fellow Wisconsin vendors. A sprinkling of products from around my great state! Be sure to check out their shops & favorite items you enjoy!

[source via northwoodsloves]

[source via hannahjames127]

[source via pangeahandmade]

[source via modernweddings]

[source via wisconmon]

want to be featured on the etsy shop show off and get FREE promotion for your shop to over 60 blog readers and over 300 twitter followers? email me at northwoodsloves@live.com with the link to your shop & you will be contacted when your shop is featured!


2 thoughts on “[Etsy Shop Show Off] Hello, Wisconsin!

  1. Lovely finds here! Thanks so much for including our Teal Hummingbirds save the date card!

  2. […] Post Recap]: Find inspiring Etsy finds from vendors located in the greatest state in the nation, [Wisconsin]! Learn about what that [ring on your finger] really means from a guest blogger. Check out the […]

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