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Good afternoon readers! How’s everyone’s Wednesday? Good news! The week is half over and the holiday weekend is approaching quickly! I can’t wait to get up in the northwoods again this weekend and relax in the sunshine… Anyways, today I am excited to introduce you to a new friend. Cathy has graciously provided a guest post for me… and let me tell you… it’s AAAAAMAZING! I hope you enjoy you it! I’ll let her introduce her awesome DIY Wedding project! Here’s Cathy….

Hello there! My name is Cathy and I blog at Cupcakes & Scissors. My blog is just about life, baking, crafting, and following my journey as I become a Mrs. I love all things creative & sweet! I’m so excited to be here today and share a little DIY post. 
The Flip Book

When I got engaged a couple months ago I pretty much knew immediately who I wanted to be standing beside me on the very special day. However, I also knew that I wanted to ask them in a very special way. I wanted to do something unique and thoughtful. So I decided to make a flip book asking them! I recently had a friend that was asked to be married via a flip book and I thought that was such a neat idea!
I used the instructions found at instructables and made some minor tweaks. Their instructions can be found here. I started out by drafting out the concept that I wanted to do. You’ll be making a very short video so keep that in mind. I knew that I wanted to cut some letters out so I worked on the colors. Make the items that you want to use in your video. For me that was a banner, a glittery “B”, and a chalkboard.
I used a cricut cutter to make the banner, but you could cut it out by hand and that would work great. I used glue dots to have the letters stick to the ribbon.

I drafted the “B” onto a cardboard box then cut it out. Painted it pink with some acrylic paint I had, used some spray adhesive and threw some Martha Stewart glitter on it to give it a little sparkle. 
Just pointed at myself for the “my” part. For the chalkboard, I purchased a poster board and a small container of chalkboard paint. The poster board was a little difficult to use and didn’t stay completely flat. Also it needed 2 coats, so keep that in mind. 

1.   Film your video! I just used the camera on my laptop so I could see what I was doing and    make sure that I was always in the shot. I did the video about 3 times till I liked the way it turned out. Of course you could use any camera or have someone film you.  
2.   Next edit down your video. Using a video editor trim it down to 4-5 seconds. The smaller the better. Save the new movie. 
3.   Export your movie as a JPEG image sequence. This cuts the video into photos. In iMovie choose the drop down share, click export using QuickTime. When saving the file verify that export is set to movie to image sequence.  Also choose options in the window and have 10 images saved per second. Depending on the length of the video, you could have between 90-120 images. 

4.   Scale the images. Using a photo editing softward edit them all to 3″ wide and 2.25″ high with a resolution of 120 dpi. I was able to select all the images in preview at the same time and make this change. Saved tons of time!
5.   Next is getting the images ready to print. Before you place the photos into a word processing document, you may want to go through and delete some extra photos. You’ll notice that holding a sign for a couple extra seconds or taking a little longer to pick something up adds lots of seconds and lots of pictures. Click here for the template to put the images into. Number them in the space to the left hand side. This is key! Very easy to get them out of order. *If you wanted to make a special cover or note for the flip book, you’d do that at this time as well. Place it in one of the cells to help ensure that it’s the correct size. 
6.   Print, Print, Print!
7.   Cut, cut, cut!
8.   Time to start punching the holes on the side where the numbers are. Adjust the spacing on a 3 hole punch, test out a couple practice sheets, and then you’re ready to go! To ensure that all my holes were the same (or close) I did all the bottom holes at the same time, then switched and did the top hole 
9.   Stack the book and get ready to put it together. Instead of using leather and a bolt I used a piece of scrapbook paper and some twine I had. I used a punched sheet as a guide and marked the scrapbook paper. Punched the holes out and glued down the front piece then the back piece. I cut 2 small pieces of twine put them through and tied the knots twice. 
10. Flip a couple times, enjoy, and get it ready to give to your bridesmaids! I wrote a special note to each of my bridesmaids, printed it out, and placed it as the last page in the book. I also purchased 4 of these books and gave them each one. 🙂 They are good sports.
11.   Give the flip book to the special person and be ready for lots of hugs and laughs!!! 

Couple extra pictures 🙂

Couple tips:
Please keep in mind this takes quite a bit of ink.
Project takes quite a bit of cutting and printing. In my experience it’s best to break it into a couple different segments.
Prepare materials and shot movie 1 day. Export, cut down video, and put photos in word document another day.
Print out, cut, and assemble, probably a couple days.
I think this would be adorable for all sorts of requests or invites! Not just for bridesmaids. 
Me & my bridesmaids!
Thanks so much Cathy! This tutorial is absolutely amazing and creative! I am sure my readers have enjoyed it as much as I have! Be sure to stop over at Cathy’s blog Cupcakes & Scissors and say hello and let her know your thoughts and praises of her tutorial here today!
How did you ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding?
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Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Virginia says:

    What a fun idea! Love it! =)

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