[Etsy Shop Show Off] For the Bride, For the Groom

The Etsy Shop Show Off is back! Congrats to this week’s show off shops on their feature! Your stuff is amazing and perfect gifts for the bride, for the groom, or for the couple.

For the Bride

A handmade gorgeous bracelet (if I can put in a shameless plug!) I love creating paper jewelry. I make each bead by hand and hand gloss each bead individually. Lots of love goes into my jewelry, you better believe it! Give her a little pop of color to go with her honeymoon attire or if you have lavender as a wedding color, to add a bohemian feel to her wedding day attire! [View more of this item]

I adore this simple necklace. What a great way to proclaim your love for your man (or Harry Potter I suppose)! (This also caught my eye because Harry is the name of my father and grandfather!) I love the simplicity of this necklace and the metallic look. You can get your necklace personalized to reflect your groom’s name or even your new last name! [View more of this item]

For the Groom

Give your man a gift that he can use over and over and over and over again. I love the designs of this cotton necktie set. This set was a custom order, but you can create a color palette for him that will reflect his personality or reflect your wedding colors. You could also gift the groomsman with a tie each to reflect their personalities on your wedding day as well. [View more of this item]

For the Couple

I absolutely adore this shop. She is a talented artist that creates these amazing pieces! This gift can reflect the couple to remember their wedding day! She will even customize this piece to reflect your wedding colors and style! How can you go wrong? [View more of this item]

Hope you enjoyed this week’s show off! Interested in showing off your shop? Send me a link via email or comment to be featured in the next show off!


2 thoughts on “[Etsy Shop Show Off] For the Bride, For the Groom

  1. Thank you so much for including my block set in your collection!
    I appreciate that so much! 🙂

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