[DIY Wedding] Easy Step-by-Step Centerpiece

I came across this gorgeous wedding while looking through [JL Designs] blog. This wedding had a centerpiece that looked like a DIY project waiting to happen.


So here’s the step by step in getting a similar look for your wedding!

Step One: Collect empty soup cans. Remove label. [Make sure they are washed out too! Eew!]


Step Two: Spray paint the entire can. White is a very classy look, but you can mix it up to accommodate your wedding colors. Keep in mind that if you can colored flowers, you don’t want to overdue it with colored vases. Don’t make it too busy. Keep it simple and your centerpieces will look elegant and inviting.


Step Three: Hot glue a strand of lace or ribbon that matches your wedding colors and that will compliment the flowers you chose for your centerpieces.


Step Four: Add your flowers the day of the wedding!


How easy is that? Four super simple steps to getting gorgeous centerpieces! Hope you enjoy! Happy crafting!

Do you have any fun DIY projects you’d like to share? Send me a link!


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