[Etsy Shop Update] GRAND OPENING!

Today marks the GRAND OPENING of [NL Designs Wedding Etsy Shop]!

I’m so excited to make available custom wedding cupcake toppers. I have a few designs up in the shop [more will be added!], but if you have colors you want, I can provide them for you!

Also available… Bridal headbands. These are a limited time only! There’s only 2 available [and I want to keep them!] They are a GRAND OPENING SPECIAL, one of a kind and will only be offered once! The one below is currently for sale in the shop!

Favor bags will also be available! These can be bought personalized and empty and with some assembly required so you can add your own treats, or they can be bought personalized and filled! Fillers will include mints or trail mix [chocolate is just too hard to ship!]

A new line of crochet headbands for brides and flower girls will also be available soon! AND a new line of paper bead jewelry will also be available [with a more bridal touch!]

I’m so excited to be introducing these new products throughout the month of June and see the future of NL Designs!


One thought on “[Etsy Shop Update] GRAND OPENING!

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