[Inspiration Board] Creative Bridal Showers

Hope everyone had an amazing and relaxing Memorial Day weekend… you can find my weekend update on my family blog: [Confessions of a Wisconsin Housewife]!

I just wanted to share with you a few different bridal showers that I am hoping will inspire you! Be creative for your brides! Truth is, we all have been to the bridal showers that seem to drag on: a small meal or appetizers, a little “get to know the bride” game and watching her open an endless amount of gifts… Why not try a theme? Ask your guests to dress a certain way, bring certain gifts and serve them certain foods! Here’s a few ideas to get you going:


This is also a great bachelorette party ideas [for the more risque items…]. There’s so many things you can do with this idea. You can give each guest a color or a movie title and have them purchase elegant lingerie or panties to match. It’s a great way to let the bride-to-be get a great collection for the honeymoon! You could also make [lingerie cut out cookies] and serve them.


Collect a group of tea cups with different patterns to pass around to each guest & send them home with as a party favor. Have a tea bar with different types of tea for guests to help themselves to throughout the party, as well a selection of pastries.


Send out recipe cards with the bridal shower invites and have guests bring a recipe, as well as a gift for the kitchen or dining room. Collect the cards and gift the bride with a personalized recipe box. A fun addition to this type of party would be to bring in a chef or possibly the mother of the bride or groom to teach a cooking class! Another great idea for this type of party would be to have each guest bring the dish they write on the recipe card so each guest can taste test each other’s dishes!


Everyone loves a little orange juice in the morning… so why not add a little class and have a mimosa bar with a brunch buffet! Add orange, strawberry or peach slices for guests to add to their glasses. As a DIY project, purchase cheap champagne glasses [$1 each at the Dollar Tree!] and decorate and personalize the glasses for each guest. For gift giving, assign each guest a time of day [ex: 6pm, 2am, 10pm] and have them bring a gift that the couple could use at that time of day! [ex: 10am could gift them a griddle for making brunch!]

Have any other fun ideas? What did you do for your bridal showers? Leave comments below to share these inspirations with NL Designs readers!

Have a wonderful night!

Picture Sources: [lingerie] [tea party] [recipe box] [mimosa bar]




5 thoughts on “[Inspiration Board] Creative Bridal Showers

  1. jacqueline says:

    I love the sunrise and recipe party idea!!! I have a couple weddings coming up and those are fabulous ideas!!!

  2. Andrea says:

    LOVOOVE them all!.. great board Greta!

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  4. I love the recipe party. Was there a link to the recipe cards and box that is shown above? Thanks!

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