[Etsy Shop Update] The New Launch

So, June is quickly approaching… Very quickly. It is the beginning of a busy month for me! Not only is my first giveaway coming to a close, but my new shop is scheduled to be launched! I got SO busy during the month of May, that [I’m sad to say] I may have to push that launch back. I got a lot more hours than expected this past week and I’ve barely had a moment to even sit down! Luckily, I’m blessed with a job that gives me a couple hours during the day to craft and create products and brainstorm more!

Here are the two items that are currently up in the shop!

I’ve so much enjoyed making a line of cupcake toppers. I LOVE weddings and I LOVE the idea of cupcakes. They are so simple, something that is so easy and DIY and something I truly enjoy designing! I have a few more designs that are completed and a few more that I am still working on that need a little refining to be the best products they can be.

I love how versatile they are too! I, of course, am wedding focused, but they can be used for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, family events… the possibilities are endless so I’m excited to reach out to a whole new genre of customers!

Most of you know that I’m so excited about this business, but if you look at my sales, they are low 😦 I’m praying that this business is something that I can eventually turn into a home business as it gains popularity. I’m doing what I can to advertise and market myself better this time around.

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Have a wonderful week, lovelies!

PS… this week’s Etsy Shop Show Off is going to be postponed until next week due to my crazy schedule! Let me know if you are a shop owner! I provide free advertising for your shop!


3 thoughts on “[Etsy Shop Update] The New Launch

  1. jacqueline says:

    Can’t wait to see the shop… and I’m with you on may being the busiest month ever. It has swallowed me whole with no time in between. Ughhhhh!!!

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  3. Cute!! I love cupcakes a lot, so these are perfect!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by The Sweetest Petunia. 🙂

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