[Real Wedding] Darren & Anna-Cheri

I love Anna-Cheri & Darren. I was blessed to be able to sing on a worship team with them for two years & became close to them in college. They are such a fun couple, so I knew their wedding was going to have some very fun elements! These awesome engagement photos were taken by a friend while our band was playing in Panama City Beach, FL in March, 2010.

Anna-Cheri & Darren met in college and had their wedding in that same town. Their ceremony & reception took place at the same church and was a very early wedding, which gave their guest from out of state plenty of time to make the drive home [and the couple enough time to drive to Madison] It was such a fun day [despite the later evening thunder & hail storm!] & I loved the color scheme.

My Favorite Features:

The color scheme. Every one who knows Anna-Cheri knows that she loves the color yellow, which is just perfect for her personality! She’s always smiling & full of joy!

The bridal party looked so great! The guys had classic tuxes, but took fun pictures showing off their suspenders & the girls all looked so clean & classic!

Anna-Cheri. Darren, I love you to death, but you’ll have to agree with me that your bride was stunning. I’ve known her for years & she is always smiling, but she was glowing even more on your wedding day!

The ceremony was SO fun! Dinner was a fajita buffet! It was something I have never seen at a wedding before & was an amazing change of pace from the basic chicken plate. That meal was one of the best I’ve ever had a wedding.

I thought their cake was so modern & stunning. It complimented the entire wedding. [And bonus, it was made by my former roommate! It was so fun to have baking those cakes in my house!]

They had some very fun, entertaining moments as well. Their first dance was beautiful, but the real entertainment was all the games we played! The had trivia games that had all the guests competing at their tables against each other about who knew more about the bride and groom! Another game they played [pictured] was were they had members of their bridal party blindfolded playing a game similar to musical chairs!

Photography: [all rights reserved-if you copy any photos please link back to their engagement photographer here and their wedding photographer here]

One thought on “[Real Wedding] Darren & Anna-Cheri

  1. Hey guyz, The pictures are really beautiful. Congratulations to Darren & Anna. The pictures of your marriage are so cool. It seems you guyz enjoyed a lot.

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