[Real Wedding] Craig & Carey

I want to start by welcoming my readers from Blogger to the new blog! For a few reasons, I have transferred my blog to a different hosting site. All my recent posts have been transferred over as well. For the next few months, I will be updating Blogger with links to all my posts here so you can still get the subscription via GFC. I encourage you to subscribe to my new blog to stay updated, or if you don’t have a wordpress account, to subscribe via email!

Here we are with today’s Real Wedding!

I love reading other wedding blogs. I love the inspiration I can find, not only to share with my readers, but to one day inspire my wedding! I came across this wedding at [Green Wedding Shoes] and fell head over heels with it! Here are a few pictures from the post. I encourage you to go [here] to read the entire post and see all the gorgeous photos from their big day!

Hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon.


One thought on “[Real Wedding] Craig & Carey

  1. Andrea says:

    I looove the rustic look 🙂 Love this girl

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