[Real Wedding] Ben & Lindsey

I lived with Ben and Lindsey in the Middle East in the summer of 2009. At the time, they were both single and had known each other for about a year. They had an awkward start to their relationship [they couldn’t stand each other!], but a year later and everyone knew they were gonna be together!
They got married this past summer in Lindsey’s home state of South Dakota! She was simply breathtaking. I love both of them to death!
I love sleeves on a wedding dress & Linds pulled it off so well!

I LOVE this picture of them. They are both such goofballs. If you go through all their pictures they have so many of them just goofing off instead of serious poses.

The flowers were just stunning. These are what I envision for my own, so I was SO jealous of them as soon as I saw them!

They were surrounded by so many loving people! Their bridal party prayed over them before sending them off as husband and wife.

I love that last shot. Lindsey is just stunning, isn’t she?

Photography: [all rights reserved-if you copy any photos please link back to this blog]


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