[Inspiration Board] Wedding Blues

i love shades of blue. and how perfect is it for so many settings??? beach, spring garden, summer wedding, even a deep navy for winter weddings! here’s an inspiration board with some of my favorite trends in blue weddings.

i love the idea of a colored shoe to accompany neutral bridesmaid dresses or for a splash of color underneath a bride’s gown. [source] [source]

a light blue bridesmaids dress is perfect for the spring season. these styles are so gorgeous & simple. [source] [source] [source]

cakes can be such a statement in your wedding. i love love love the creativeness of this cake. [source]

for an easy decor idea, make or buy tissue paper balls to hang in your venue. experimenting with shades or your colors is a fun way to decorate! [source]

blue flowers in your decor or bouquet is such an unexpected pop of gorgeous color! [source]

tiffany blue & turquoise seem to be colors that every woman loves. i love the idea of tiffany blue boxes for favors or decorating the reception with that gorgeous blue. decorating yourself with turquoise is another fun way to look amazing, yet have an unconventional look. [source]

how fun are these treats?! i love how simple, yet elegant they are, whether you use them as favors, for your cocktail hour or as an alternative to a wedding cake. [source]

navy is a great option for weddings. it’s sliming on your bridesmaids or could a great alternative to black tuxes. always remember that as a bride, it’s your day, so decorate yourself with fun jewelry to compliment your gown! [source] [source]


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