[Feature Post] Kassi from Truly Lovely

Good morning NL Designs readers! I’d love for you to meet Kassi! She is one of the bloggers over at Truly Lovely. Hope you head over there and say hello. She’s got a GREAT wedding tutorial for you here. Hope you enjoy it!

Hello LOVELY Northwoods Love followers!!!

I am THRILLED to be blog swapping with the lovely Miss Greta today!!
If you’re having Greta withdrawals… And I’m sure you are… 
She’s posting over on my blog as we speak… as this week’s Bloggie Bestie!!
So as soon as you’re done here… 
You can pop over there and say hello! Hope to see you there!!

Until then…

My name is Kassi and I blog over at Truly Lovely!
It’s a blog my sister and I created to share the things we find to be well… Truly Lovely! 😉 You can check it out by clicking this little button!

Truly Lovely

And at My Road to Mrs! It’s a blog where I share my wedding planning ideas, updates, and mishaps!

I Read My Road to Mrs

Today I have a tutorial of sorts to share with you…
However, knowing that it probably won’t be something many will want to make… My purpose in sharing it here at Northwoods Love is that I know that the darling Greta has a wedding blog as well… 

That being said, I am sharing one of my unique wedding ideas with you all in hopes that it will get your wheels turning on ways to take unusual items and incorporate them into your wedding day (or even your home) in a way that will save you HUGE mullah!

SO… Here we go!!!

First, check out this HUGE pile of old team roping ropes.


This is what becomes of them once they’ve reached the end of their useful life.
Before you would’ve seen them in use by this guy, my fiance…
Like this… He’s a heeler, and a  pretty awesome one if I do say so myself! 😉

Allens Rodeo Photos

But once his ropes have been used several times they become too soft and pliable to stand up as a heel rope and they get discarded to the retirement pile in the backyard.

I’ve discovered several ways to recycle and reuse these poor old discarded ropes. One way, that I’ve been doing alot lately since our wedding is less than two months away…

Rope Vases!
These rope vases will be used as centerpieces at our wedding and because I’ll have several, as gifts for some of those that helped out after the wedding.

PhotobucketTo make a rope vase you need an old, unloved, past its prime rope.

The ones discarded by my fiance are perfect!
Since they’ve become soft that makes them easier to shape into something new and once again loveable!Photobucket

I picked one out of the pile with a pink tint to it so my vase will look slightly pink as well.

First thing to do is cut off the strings at the end of the rope, right below the bottom knot.
The knot will be used to start the vase.


To make the vase, I use a wood burner to melt the rope to itself.
You can see I wear leather gloves to protect my hands from the heat of the wood burner.
I also put newspaper down to protect my work surface from drips, etc.


I start by coiling the rope around the end knot and melting it together, like so…


Continue coiling the rope around itself, melting as you go.
Once you have the base the size you want it to be you can start coiling upward to form the sides of the vase.
Now it’s up to you how your vase will be shaped.
It all depends on how you melt the rope as you go up.



Once I come to the end of my rope (no pun intended…haha), I simply hot glued the loop I left at the other end of the rope to the side of the vase for a fun look.


So that’s how those old, no longer loved retired team ropes become a once again loved rustic/western home decoration, or wedding centerpiece.
Recycled and reused!


So… You saw how I took something that my fiance and I have lots of laying around… and made it become something lovely to use in my wedding and later in my home.
So… What items do you have around that you can make new use of???
Greta? Anything unique you can think of to use???
I would love to hear your ideas!!!
Thanks for having me here at Northwoods Loves!! It has been a pleasure!
Hope you’ll pop over to Truly Lovely and say hello!

Thanks so much for the tutorial Kassi! It looks amazing! Hope you guys enjoyed having her today! Be sure to stop by her blog and see all the fun things she is up to and her road to being a wife!

By the way… Etsy Shop Show Off is coming soon! Be sure to email me at northwoodsloves@live.com or tweet me asap to get your shop featured!


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